Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting Watchman Called To Prayer Hour Fire Hedge Of Protection Around Your Appointed Destiny; The Enemy Was Sent To Steal, Kill, & Destroy.

In the name of Jesus, in this hour watchmen are being called, to watch the snakes crawling around your Garden of Eden. They have been sent into your life assigned to eat you like dust(Genesis 3:14).

God formed man from the ground the dust (Genesis 2:7), God placed man in the Garden of Eden, in his spiritual kingdom & proved all his needs(Jehovah Jireh). God told Adam to work & take care of the Garden.

When God saw that all he had assigned to man, he said “it’s not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18). God caused man to rest from work, took one of man’s ribs & he made woman (meaning protecting the inner organ the office the wife of God house is to cover them in prayer), as a help meet suitable for him.

Soon as the snake saw that it was good & God had position man in his kingdom, the snake came & tricked woman out of what God had given to the head. The unity of Adam & Eve, meaning connected to woman; when she fell it automatically pulled down man to.

Be careful who you unite with along this journey, watch in this hour for the enemy sees that your position in the kingdom is good. Satan has been sent to curse you above all, that you may crawl & beg on your belly.

We’re living a season Satan is walking in the flesh a right now watch time zone.

The enemy, because of the fall of man he has put enmity (hostile) between man & woman & between your offspring & her. Satan (man) will crush your head (mental illness, dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder) & woman will strike his heel; crush his manly hood so that he can not walk straight(homosexuality).

In the name of Jesus the Dominus word has been birth to bring enlightenment. This a command blessing (John 5:10) word to guide you along your journey. This a key to unlock El’shaddi, throne room to inherit your spiritual inheritance he has stored up in heaven for his people.

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