Kuztom Kuz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Prayer Enlightment Guidance Spoken Word To Help You Walk Through The Day.

As you arise before stepping out your door speak to the morning Angel that rule the day. Tell them what the night forces of life have been to you(the spirit of God spoke directly Hiley, them what the night has been doing to you).

Speak accordingly the breaking cycle of a new day, In Jesus Name Our Father who is the most high God to be praised above all the God. Whatever you ask in Jesus name shall be so. You came seeking & knocking that’s why God said Hiley, speak to the Morning Angel of the morning tell them what the night forces of life has been doing, I spoke accordingly, In the name of Jesus Angel of the day, the night forces of darking has been plotting & fighting against me. Instantly I saw Zeus Greek Sun God move in the spirit shut & lock a door. He said Demeter, been stealing, the Greek Gods daughters of the kingdom has been stealing.

Heaven & Hell is raging, the Holy Ghost said men world leaders of the nation who supposed to set at the Head of the Body of Christ. Get in your place, all daughters of every level have been stealing..

~Kingdom Sends Greeting Generational Curse Broken~

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