Kuztom Kutz; Kingdom Sends Greetings..Prophetic Poetic Flow..Your Rib Has Been Cultivated To Walk Side By Side United As One, Sent Forth Warriors Being About The Kingdom Business…

Along this faith journey King David, said it’s almost like chasing after wind.

Two gifted souls being tossed about against a raging sea, cuff in EL’Shaddi hand. Disguised in filthy weight that arise from the bottom darkness of the sea.

As the earth was without form darkness also hovered over the face of the earth, missing our presence. Awaiting the moment for our father to speak “come forth Man of God into the light out of the darkness of the raging sea & out of you I shall create the perfect soul mate to walk with thee creating going about tilling my ground being all about my business.” Now arise my son, my light is shining upon thee. I’m sending you to guide my people out of the darkness.

From your rib was birth woman, she’ll stand with you side by side warring, in the spirit. I sent her to you now my son feed & give living water to my sheep.

~Divine Shekinah Glory Poetic Flow~

Continuous manifestation of his word gift has been sent New Birth….

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