Kuztom Kutz; Kingdom Sends Greeting Spiritual Enlightenment, The Renters today Are The Pharaoh Taskmasters Slave.

One of the number one reason financial hardship for homeownership & renters struggle to pay monthly rent fees. The enemy has sent the Pharaoh taskmaster quota of brick curse to bind up the average working American people from financial freedom to prevent them from being able to meet renter monthly fee, forcing the American people to be homeless.

The enemy meant it for evil but God meant it for our good, that we may go into the wilderness & worship him (Exodus 5:1).

This is a season of separation the wheat from the chaff, for every breathe that holla Lord! Lord! don’t mean they have the love of God down in them (Matthew 7:21)

America people wake up, have you not noticed one of the reason the cost of renters monthly fee has sky rocketed! Why? Since the mid, late 90’s foreigner colonies who migrate to America, have settled in America all still remain under one roof. Haven’t you notice over the years American families are broken home or either single raised families?

As the population grew the cost of living ski rocketed, from the late 90’s until this present 21st century.

In case Americans haven’t noticed when foreigners transition through U.S Custom & Border Protection, a lot of them are given government free grants in which some use to start family businesses. Not to mention the financial family wealth they already possessed is now their cushion safety net.

This biblical enlightenments not to impose a racial uproar, it’s to bring awareness of unfair equal opportunity the American people suffering, being forced to live in poverty because of the act of the American people sharing the American Dream (Exodus 22:21) “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner for you were foreigners in Egypt.”

Since investors property owner recognized over the years there’s more than one family living under one roof, the renters fee has sky rocketed beyond reasonable average annual American workers income. the cost of living went up & the income for the average worker has came to a complete halt across the nation forcing those who had became the Pharaoh quota of brick worker to now live off government assistants that soon to come to a halt.

Equal opportunity for the American people, not every household living in a colony, if the cost of living gonna sky rocket because of who the the U.S Custom decide to protect the American people shouldn’t have to financially struggle, the income should be consider as well. Now this how the government attempt meet the needs of the American people.

The average fee for a one bedroom since the year 2000 has doubled going from $500 – $600 monthly fee to $900 – $1200 when the average worker barely makes $10 to $11 per hour, some manufactory worker make less than that. Some people go to college to get a Masters degree, only to get out of college to work in a field that doesn’t match their degree.

The equal opportunity has been stripped away from the American people, forcing us to live under the Pharaoh, taskmaster quota for brick.

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