Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting Prophetic Poetic Flow…To Be or Not To Be…I Chose To Pick Up My Cross & Follow His…

A life evolving in Christ center around self change as I pick up my cross to follow him…Those whom desire to drain you Rather than seek self change…Lack to understand I didn’t turn my back on you…Only just walked away from the world that only invited us to dine with destruction…I was hoping you’d pick up your cross & follow…So EL’Shaddi spoken word would reign over us…”Those who suffer w/ him will reign w/ him”…A life evolving, hoping, & fighting…For change had me baffled in this world that only invited me to dine w/ destruction..I contemplated often before picking up my cross to follow him…This world will have you twirling & hurling..baffled wrestling w/ question “how do we fight to fall apart only to remain in misery…When we can just cross over together hand & hand reigning in him…allowing him to mend our wounds & heal our brokenness..From dining w/ destruction..Therefore if your not willing to pick up your cross to follow him w/ me…I choose to stand w/ him to give enlightenment…You can’t put old wind into new wineskin…I choose to set w/ him awaiting & praying hoping you don’t wait til it’s to late to embrace his Grace w/ a renewed mind your willing to pick up your cross to follow him knowing if I suffer w/ him I will reign w/ him & my rib.

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