America The Land of The Free, Social Injustice What Is The Root Cause? How Did We Stray Away From A biblical Foundation? In Which Our Ancestors Made Sacrafices for Our Indendence, Only For Those In Charge To Turn Around And Deny The Very Ones Known As Our People The Right To Vote. Is America Doubling Back Just Contradict The Law Of Freedom?

Let call this the era of Mens Rea~Marta Carta the 21st century “The Guilty Mind Conspiracy, For Ruler To Have Ultimate Power Over The Government.”

By political religion leaders not honoring, but instead they have manipulated Marta Carta and Mens Rea only for selfish purpose according The Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology, Mens Rea Has Been cuffed by the justice system allowing illegal crimes to elevate a spirit of intimidation to set on the throne with total power over the justice system.

The Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology states that Corporate criminal justice rests on the fiction that corporations possess “minds” capable of instantiating culpable mens rea. The retributive and deterrent justifications for punishing criminal corporations are strongest when those minds are well-ordered. In such cases misdeeds are most likely to reflect malice, etc….

I have said before the Justice fail to enforce the Law Mens Rea for the purpose of selfish acts to plead insane allowing them to get away with breaking the Law.. This has become the political religious leader get-out-jail-free card. Allowing the to misuse Holy scriptures teach that Proverbs 23:7 will get you whatever you want.

The Baptist Bishop false doctrine teaches Man Is a Tripartite Person meaning body..soul..& spirit in a trance mediated state man can step outside their body travel to wherever they desire shaping their environment. This also known in the church today as matrix realm living communing in the Spirit to break the law.. This false doctrine is the reason so much chaos has sweep across the land.. The hypocrite corrupt religious & political use this to steal.. kill & destory,

The leadership today and their mental belief is contradicting the foundation of the Constitutional Law. How do you over throw power if you can alter the minds of those who you fear you can manipulate the environment?

In this 21st century African American, are not just assisting with the fight, they’re leading the fight. If they can psychological break you with fear and intimidation knowing your rights & power to speak through your votes have been strippen away form you. Than they can have ultimate power to rule with Mens Rea as shield to manipulate the law.

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