Kingdom Send Greeting; History Review Metropolitan Atlanta, “The Crack Cocaine Transition From Street Life To Business Causual.”

The Evolving of Metropolitan Area 

Every average working American enjoy a rejuvenated weekend, a moment to lay asides burden to recuperate. Some may choose to relax at home, go to the movies, have dinner, and afterward a little dancing. Due to some economic development and crime in Fulton County, this taunted the average worker opportunities to enjoy entertainment in Metropolitan Atlanta, area.  Years ago, in the early 70’s and 90’s Metropolitan area in Fulton County, was known for night life entertainment. As the economy began to grow street life crime shifted to the business casual life. 

In the early 70’s & 90’s Fulton County, Metropolitan area was polluted with prostitution and drug crimes which spells profit. The early 80’s was known for the crack epidemic high crime made Atlanta, the most dangerous city. The lifestyle sex, money and power spark the interest of political religion leaders. President Richard Nixion envisioned and organized “War on Drugs,” the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) main objective was to control street crimes, around the early 90s drug crime began to decline. When President Richard Nixion Started the “War on Drug,” movement, cocaine substance known as crack became a controlled substance drug no longer just sold on the streets, it is now known as opioids sold over the counter in pharmacy. Since the political and religious leaders began economic development for a political profit, crime in no longer a street gang issue, it’s now controlled by politics. 

The economic development began to increase in entertainment value, as more nightclubs, movie production, and music began to blossom across Atlanta.  The population in 1990 was 2,557,800, since then some of Atlanta, best companies like Cocoa Cola, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines has contributed to population increased to 488,800 (2019). 

In 1996 the Summer Olympics came to Atlanta, Ga, a city known for gang violence, carjacking, and drugs this made history but a tragic history due to the pipe bombing that killed 2 people injuring 111. The crimes that plagued the street of Metropolitan Pkwy, made it difficult for family social gathering, leaving the restaurants and nightclubs ability to thrive desolate. Centennial Park continued grow as the local law officer attempted clean the streets in 1997. Centennial Park known today still a popular location to host music events, Independence Day concerts and much more entertaining activities. 

 This birth the crime rate for prostitution, drugs, political crimes, and corruption in religion, that is now known as the private sector in our professional corporate America. As the government development planning began shaping the historic characteristic of Atlanta, reserving the sports history events that thrive throughout Atlanta, Ga. This development caused the expansion project to enlarge opportunities for a night life of entertainment, known as HipHop “SWATS” (“Southwest Atlanta, Too Strong”) widen the variety of choices to have mix and mingling night out on the town. In the early 70’s the first CNN retail hotel franchise became the center of attraction the home of the Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta flame ice hockey also known as the Omni Coliseum, which could seat up to 16,500 people. As the HipHop culture, and the wonderful world of the Atlanta Braves, blossomed so did social gathering in early 70’s leading up to now. When the Hip-hop culture step on the scene this create job opportunity for the idol mind on the street corner, as it created change mind set to leave the street life.  

Every average working American desire to enjoy the fruit of his/her labor whether enjoying a night of entrainment or a weekend getaway. Metropolitan area has blossom into one of the main attractions from fashion, exquisite foods, and movie production as the music HipHop industry scene grew in 1980 & 90’s bombarding the streets of Atlanta. As society grew so did the social secret life desire for money, sex, & power, ties to secret leadership group called the Illuminati which is the biggest political, and corrupt religious mafia in the nation. The government operation economic development ties to Illuminati corruption have reshaped the world we know and call home for selfish profit purposes only. The entertainment HipHop world, Tv production, churches, major sports, and schools have been controlled by the corrupt religious and political leader joined secret society known as the illuminati. Metropolitan Pkwy in the 70’s crime life has been converted in a bittersweet way which has gone from the street corner gang related to the now Illuminati Corporate America.  

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