Kingdom Sends Greeting, Day 3 of 120 Days Labour In Gods Word & Prayer. Uprooting weeds that’s choking life out your destiny.

3rd Day of 120 Days Labour In Gods Word & Prayer, about 5:30am I fell into a Spiritual Trance Vision of The Heavenly Ream. I was struggling to stay awake as I drifted off I saw three small Angel struggling to stay awake..I saw a Angel this Angel seem mean with fingerNails like claws..I saw three devils their face pure evil..sticking their tongue out at me..Sweet Jesus it was as if I was traveling through flying though a dimension portal..yesterday I heard Satan say Michael here they been fighting & Satan is hidingPsalm 105:15🙏🏾 “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”

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