Kingdom Sends Greeting 62 Days of 120 Days Labour In Gods Word and Prayer. How To Effectively Break Spiritual Ancestors Curses. First You Must Know What Kind Of Curse! How Can You Break What You Don’t Know?

Kingdom Sends Greeting 62 Days of 120 Days Labour in Gods Word and Prayer.
Judah deceive Tamar in his promise to marry his son..but later she became his Travel companion Harlot.

As today the men of God are deceiving women…Women sleeping around in the House of God with brothers but Tamar, deception was a divine appointment because from her one of twin son Perez, lineage came David (Matthew 1:1 genealogy) but there was war til the time in between before the birthing of King David…

This deception is rampant in the house of God the women are travel Harlot companion. Now of days when the men of society & of the house of God go on business trip they take along a companion other than their wives. (Genesis 38:12-30) As Judah, was trying to be comforted after his wife pass. When he traveled up to Timnah to shear sheep, a business trip when Judah, saw Tamar in her widow clothes her took her and went into her. This plaguing the body of Christ causing the whole body to out of order.

The two 2 Deadly women curse of the Bible Jezebel & Tamar..
1 Deceitful woman Tamar (the lineage of David…David later took Bathsheba as wife out of deception.)

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