Kingdom Sends Greeting, on this life to grand Thursday, 71 days until December 31 of labour in Gods Word and Prayer, Tis the Season To Get it Right.

(oops! Forgive me I did two day of 51 it’s throwing my days off). It’s 71 Days until December 31…

Labour in Gods Word and Prayer was given on 8/22/2021 and started on 8/24/2021 the Revelation Labour in Gods Word and Prayer until December 31, has 11 extra Days To get it right.

Let refresh how?..Why?..& Where Did 120 Days Labour in Gods Word and Prayer come from, Time of Revelation started at 12:04am=124 Days of Revelation guide from Rev. 12:6=126 two extra days for delays.

Revelation instructions from 12:4, 121 take away the one means 120 Days, which is the days Of man according to Genesis 6:3. Now Flip 6:3, it’s 3 & half days one more day to get it right 3:6 on this day of August 8/21/2021 your being given instructions to Labour(Struggle to become who God called you to be, press towards the high calling in Christ) in Gods Word and Prayer 128 days which asked for is actually 120 Days with 8 days extra just in case of delay.

You will see a turn around if you press & faint not. Choose this day who you will serve..Take up your cross & follow him.


Satan said I’m trying to live here on earth in my father mansion sin & wickedness of the Flesh got you living in house you can’t afford.

I’m where God Said “Go!”…How many caves you been in that had a king size bed & a driver waiting outside. I’ll wait on a response.

John 1:10 He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.

~JehovahShalom#Spiritual👁Of The Beholder~

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