Kingdom Sends Greeting, Synchronize Season, Biblical Numerology Revelation.

55 Days of Labour in Gods Word and Prayer Prophetic Favor of Timing Past Three night Revelation Tim’s & Date came around same time numbers synced
*1~meaning New Beginning Genesis 1:1-5
*2~meaning divide, separate; discern Genesis 1:6~8 *5~meaning Work; service; bondage(including debt, sickness, phobias, etc.) taxes; prison; sin motion..Genesis 1:20;23
*7~meaning Complete: All; finished; rest…Genesis 2:1,3
*0~meaning Zero Tolerance
In this season of your life of new beginning zero tolerance The favor of time wind 🌬 blowing in your direction with direction obedience to his word you will stray off the course God has sat before and sickness..bondage..debt..& your phobia shall consume you..STAY FOCUSED IN THE WORD OF GOD.


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